Evidence of Old Age

I got old.  It’s crept up on me without very much warning.  And this is in addition to the fact that I’ve once again spent the last 6 months convinced I was a year younger than I actually am – mum had to break it to me when I gave the nurse in hospital the wrong age.

Not a bad view...

How has old age manifested itself?  With the whole pain and not being able to move much I took to sitting in the garden as a sun bed is the only comfortable thing to sit on for any length of time.  It’s not been very warm, so I’ve been wearing one of my dad’s very old, very oversized jumpers.  And my cosy knitted slippers.  And when it gets nippy, I pop a blanket over my legs.  And because it can get boring sewing all day with no background noise I’ve been listening to the radio.  I’ve listened to Radio 1 since I was about five years old when Tony Blackburn was my hero (even if he never did play ‘Shaddup Your Face’ on my birthday as requested), but that seems a bit, well, loud  when you’re not feeling great.  So I have converted and I am now a Radio 4 listener.  I have spent time trying to work out who is who in The Archers.  I have listened to the original and the repeats of Gardeners Question Time.  I have got involved in the afternoon plays.  And I have enjoyed it! (as much as you can when feeling like a pile of pants, anyway).

After a bit of additional poorliness last week I’ve been told I’ve not been doing the resting thing properly, so this week I will be spending even more time old lady style.  I hope it doesn’t rain because it’s not so fun out there getting soggy… :o)

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2 Responses to Evidence of Old Age

  1. stitchknit says:

    Enjoyed your blog! I too, have become old & stiff…………not sure when, but it did happen!

    I’ll be stopping in again! Take care


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