Mushrooms, Blackbirds and Leakiness. An Average Friday Morning Really…

Well, that was rather chaotic for a Friday morning.

I got up to make a series of discoveries.

  1. Norman had obviously snaffled a mushroom or two last night while I was doing thing weekly overstuffing-of-the-fridge-after-the-joys-of-Tesco.  In the night he had shredded them in a manner that professional chefs would have been impressed by.  And scattered them liberally around the lounge.
  2. One or both of the fur balls had brought me home the gift of aMr Blackbird during the night.  He must have not looked sufficiently impressive though so they had plucked him and spread the feathers.  Everywhere.  It looked like a particularly vigorous pillow fight had taken place simultaneously with the mushroom food fight.
  3. One of the thingys on the hot water tank was leaking.

Having cleared all the mushrooms and blackbirds present, I stuck a tea towel around the leaky thingy and rushed off up to the pool (well, the un-fatness plan stops for no leaks and it was way too early to be calling a fixer-man). 

I have to say, the threat of flood to your entire house (being the smallest house ever built it wouldn’t take much.  Especially as it is a bungalow), yes, the threat of flood certainly speeds up the swimming nicely. 

Happily, no flood had taken place by the time I got home.  The fixer-man knows me well and having been informed that water was leaking from the thingy on the tank whatsit, he came straight over and did his fixing thing.

The final chapter in my Friday morning was when Charlie regurgitated the feathers he’d eaten rather than used for decorating purposes.  All over the carpet.  And who says I don’t lead an exciting life?  :o)

A fur ball in disgrace...

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4 Responses to Mushrooms, Blackbirds and Leakiness. An Average Friday Morning Really…

  1. Martin says:

    Didn’t need to know all of that!! We are thinking about kittens, and that isn’t the sort of story I want to hear. Tabatha is 17 now and she is very well behaved and is well over impressing us with presents, she is more interested in what we can do for her, normally feeding her when she demands with a little “meow”. Mushrooms I can deal with, bits of bird…hmmmm.

  2. Well, the gifts keep on rolling in, care of Norman. Does he like mushrooms?

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