The Pondering (almost) Nose Clip Pog

Despite only being a 4 day week, this has felt like the longest week of the year (which strictly speaking, I guess it has been so far).  Determined to continue with the un-fatness plan though, I was at the pool at 7am this morning.

Now, I have a slight thing around numbers – on the bike I have a little whatsit to count my miles.  I did count the lengths I swum in my head but when I started doing more than 50, I started getting confused (this is easily done at the best of times).  So I bought a swimming whatsit.  (For any boy getting excited about a potential new gadget this is very, very basic).

See? Very basic!

Somehow though, this morning I managed to get confused even with the whatsit.  This could have been due to tiredness as a result of work after the holiday, due to the fact that I had used up all the brain cells allocated for the week, or because I was trying to work out if there is a relationship between thongs (Ozzy flip flops) and thongs (ladies knickers somewhere between a g-string and apple catchers).  And if there is a link, which came first.  This lead me to consider once again where bodies (the ones like babies vests for fully grown women) should be fastened under or over tights.  And what possessed someone to bring them back into fashion.

Then I realised I’d not been pressing the whatsit and got a bit humphy.  Maybe next week I will at least try to ponder some serious topics so that and screw ups on the length counting are worth it.  Maybe the nose clip I treated myself to this morning as I left will help…:o)

The boys like the swimming bag...

Norman the labrador

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