Tiny Towers Update

Finally I have started to receive guests at Pog Tiny Towers (otherwise known as ‘the bird table’).   I say ‘guests’ it’s more like ‘guest’ – just a lone blue tit at the moment, but a very tall robin has also been nosing around so there is hope…  This is A Good Thing, although it is probably only a matter of time before my bird knowledge is exhausted and I have no clue who my visitors at Tiny Towers are.

I’ll probably have to describe the attire of the guests to my parents for identification.  Like the Magical Mystery Bird spotted a while back.  That went something like:

Me: I saw a weird bird today

Pog Parents: What did it look like?

Me:  Shape of a pheasant, size of a chicken, black with grey spots with red feet and beak.

Pog Parents:  Just how much vodka had you drunk?

I proved my sanity and sobriety a few weeks later when, out on my bike, I discovered that a flock (?) herd (?) of the Magical Mystery birds living in a back garden near the original sighting.  I left the bike at the bottom of a bank, climbed up it, pushed my way through most of the hedge and waved my mobile in the general direction of the flock / herd.  As this was at the side of the road it was a rather speedy photo session (I felt explaining the need to photograph a Magical Mystery bird on private property to anyone who challenged me may not help in the quest to prove my sanity).  The good news though, is that it was sufficient to convince the parents and to identify the feathered mystery as a Guinea Fowl. 

At least identifying guests at Tiny Towers shouldn’t involve quite so much subterfuge and potential for being arrested.  Well, hopefully not anyway… :o)

Ferocious Fur Balls (possibly one of the reasons the birds are currently few and far between...although the ferociousness is only through the window)

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2 Responses to Tiny Towers Update

  1. Reg says:

    Guinea Fowls, usually seen behaving in a near Suicidal manner near St Clere Farm, what is a tall Robin?

    • thepogblog says:

      That’s exactly where they were Reg :o)

      The tall robin is just that – he seemed to have much longer legs than usual. Although he may have been on stilts….

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