The un-fatness plan

happy autumn leaves

I had a routine doctor’s appointment on Friday and mentioned the amount of weight I had put on since giving up smoking.  Doctor weighed me, fell of her chair (presumably stunned that anyone could manage to expand so effectively in a relatively short time) and promptly filled in a form to get my thyroid tested.

‘And if it’s not my thyroid?’ I enquired

‘Then you’ve just got fat.’

OK, honesty is a good thing but no girl wants to hear that.  Still, no point wallowing. Instead it was time to make a plan.  This required a two pronged attack:

1)     De chocolate the house.

I admit I may have approached this in slightly the wrong way and that I probably should have distributed the chocolate around my family.  Instead I could only part with a small packet of fudge (and to be honest, that was only because I am not keen on the stuff.)  I ate everything else.  But still, it has all gone now so the sensible health eating can start.

2)     Purchase the necessary to enable increased exercise.

So 8 hours exercise a week is either not enough or has got too same-y.  A bit of variation may be required.  I duly visited the local sports shop to buy a swimsuit (even though I hate pools that are not outdoors in a hot place) and a knee support so I can attempt something approaching running (actual running could be a little hopeful at this stage).  I may have scared the small child who was serving me when I requested a knee support ‘for very fat knees’, but believe me, he would have been terrified had he seen me trying on the swimsuits.  For some reason swimsuit sizes are in inches, but nobody seemed to know what this was a measurement of, which resulted in me trying on one of pretty much every size available.  I should have started big and gone down, but no, I went the other way.  And got trapped when the cross over straps of the first one pinged around my considerable backside.  As if I needed any more of an incentive…

So here we go.  I will get rid of the muffin tops and I will not only get back into my jeans but I may even be able to sit down in them…  Well, I’ll give it a go anyway:o)

Spot the (fat) Pog

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4 Responses to The un-fatness plan

  1. Ann says:

    I have a cross trainer that has a foot of dust on in the garage and I am wanting a good home for it as I am too fat and too lazy to use it. Free and buyer collects!! It will not go in the car. Need Eddie Stobart to pick it up!!
    The problem it is going to take up so much room in your home unless you put it in the garden and all the neighbours can use it!!
    Love from your cycling friend’s Mum.

    • thepogblog says:

      Oh you lovely lady! Thank you very much for the offer but having both the smallest house and smallest garden in the world I’m not sure it would even fit outside…
      Maybe I will start out the ‘running’ by doing a fast walk round to cycling friend’s sister for a coffee; I don’t want to rush the new regime and that would be an incentive:o)

  2. Anna says:

    You could also attempt some POSITIVE thoughts and not be quite so dramatic about the weight!!!it’s not that bad!!!!!you still look beautiful and are gorgeous-keep that thought……

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