How to have happy feet

A word of advice ladies: even if the shoes are reeeeaally nice, if it feels like you are walking on stilts on your tip toes, it’s probably best not to try to wear them for a whole day.

These are happy feet that have not been subjected to torture (mine are less furry)

And if you do, when, a week later you have forgotten the pain and the fact that you had pins and needles in your toes all day don’t be tempted to try them again.  It will still hurt like hell, you will still get numb toes and you will not look good hobbling around the office in your socks when it isn’t possible to keep them on a second longer.

And if you get through all that somehow, for God’s sake, don’t attempt Tescos even if it is Thursday…

On the upside, once my toes have regained feeling and maybe even uncurled a little I am sure the promise that I will not subject them to these shoes again will make them very happy feet:o)

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