Many birthday purrrs

Norman is a teenager! Thirteen today.

These days, Norman is a grumpy old man; I am the only one he doesn’t swipe at (although sometimes I get that variety of grumpy treatment too) and he spends an awful lot of his time asleep.  The rest is divided between terrorising passing dogs (he wins every time) and miaowing to have the front door opened so he can go out and miaowing to have the front door opened so he can come back in, frequently with only a few minutes between the two.

He also goes through phases of where he will sleep.  A few weeks ago I had a really vivid dream that someone put a really heavy furry hat on my head and was pushing it down…and it turned out that was the start of the phase where Norman would only sleep on my pillow.  Once he had pushed me off it…

He’s moved for the moment and having gone through a phase on Mr R’s legs, he now snores loudly on the landing but always makes sure he is next to my head and staring disapprovingly in my face when the alarm goes off.

Grumpy he may be, but he might be better known in the area than Percy.  Mr R sits at his desk in the front window all day and has noticed a slightly peculiar thing:  people stopping to take Norman’s photo.


And even better than that…(yes, better!), today Norman got a birthday card in the post.  It was from Lovely Lucy Cat in Shropshire.  They have never met, but have heard all about each other and there is a certain pen friend fondness there. Thank you, Lovely Lucy Cat; you are just the kindest puss cat friend a Norms could have.

Not bad for a grumpy old puss tat, eh?  :o)

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