Lilacs and teeny picnic benches

Global confirmed cases: 2,735,117; total deaths: 192,019 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 143,464; total deaths: 19,506 (DHSC)

Government website for key worker coronavirus tests closes applications within minutes of opening due to huge demand

Boris Johnson is “on very good form and is clearly recovering” but return to No 10 is not yet set, health secretary says

Dettol manufacturer warns that disinfectants must never be ingested or injected following comments made by US President Donald Trump*

*Trump is….beyond words. This is what he did this time:

I mean, when Trump – the master at saying / doing / looking everything that is wrong – manages to eclipse even himself, there aren’t really any words left.

So instead I will show you pictures of our walk last night. It’s a walk we’ve been meaning to take for the last two years – to visit a park with many enormous lilac bushes when they are actually out – third time lucky, thanks to more time, thanks to lockdown.

So here you go:

And to show the huge size of them:

And trying to get interesting things happening with the sun on beards and blossom:

And I liked this too:

And far more beautiful than all these is this picture that Sister 2 posted yesterday of Little Wisp:

And finally, a local carpenter has been making small things to sell and deliver locally while he can’t work. I bought one of his squirrel picnic tables, complete with hole for adding nuts. Norman is less than impressed:

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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2 Responses to Lilacs and teeny picnic benches

  1. John Joseph Price says:

    It won’t take Norman long to work out exactly where Mr Squirrel will be on future hunting expeditions!!

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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