A lack of artistic talent

Global confirmed cases: 2,585,468; total deaths: 178,845 (JHU)

UK confirmed cases: 133,496; total deaths: 18,100 (DHSC)

NHS staff tested for COVID-19 informed their tests may have been inaccurate, health minister says

Germany approves first human vaccine trials, according to country’s Federal Institute for Vaccines

Mental health workers still seeing patients face-to-face are at risk of contracting infection without PPE, psychiatrists warn

Lockdown seems to have bought out new skills in a lot of people. Baking, exercising, drawing…. Our family, however, are not artistic. Here is the proof:

Mum and Dad’s effort (finished after they passed on the last one after 10 days of it going nowhere fast). was going to say this is the closest they get to artistic, but actually between mums photography and both of their gardening you could argue that there is something there…

….they just might now have passed it on.

Little Wisp has painted a mermaid money box. Knowing how OCD her mum is, I bet this caused Sister 2 actual pain – but look at that concentration on her face…

And Little Pea made a bird feeder as it’s Earth Day:

Uh huh. Apparently it will take a while to dry as it’s mostly glue…

Meanwhile, I know when I shouldn’t even try, so I stuck to working online with some of my lovely clients today in the Hypno Hut, with Norman on guard under the fire pit, then helping with a bit of work on the computer..:

It could be argued that Himself has been the artistic one here today with the ‘dent in the hair’ look. He’s pretty much constantly on conference calls in the day and the combination of headphones and hair that’s a bit too long does this:

Clearly I didn’t go short enough the other weekend – looks like it’s time for a second (more drastic) hair cut <insert evil laugh here>. (Incidentally, he saw this photo on the screen while I was putting this together and didn’t realise it was him. That beard is taking a bit of getting used to for everyone, it seems….)

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ve finished my online exercise classes and can hardly move so will sign off. The first class was rather lovely in that I did it in the garden, watching seagulls drift on the wind above me as my teacher shouter to make more effort with my reverse curls. Well, bit’s of it were lovely :)

Stay safe, lovely people. x

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