Look carefully

Sometimes we don’t all see things the way they are intended.

A friend posted this on Facebook from his holiday a few days ago.


I read it quickly, then I read it again.  I had no idea Abraham Lincoln had saved the unicorn…

And today, I popped out to my car to discover the kids that live in my road hadn’t gone back to school.  (I guessed this earlier on when I had to strategically mute my phone on conference calls so that my colleagues didn’t have to cope with their screaming too).  They all seemed to have gathered just outside my house, but one of them was deeply involved in drawing.  I asked her what she was doing.  It was this:


It may look like a piece of paper with some weird icons, but it turns out that one of my smaller neighbours wants an ipad.  So this little girl had drawn her one.  It had taken her all morning.  Tomorrow she’s going to colour it in ‘and it will look loads better’.

I think it looks good now.  Although maybe it could do with one of those unicorns Mr Lincoln managed to save… :o)

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