a healthy moment in a chocolate fuelled weekend…

I may have overdone the chocolate this weekend. How could I not when my parents gave me a huge egg, and my Sisters turned into feeders by giving me these?!


Please note: I have not eaten all of this. I might have made quite a dent, but I promise it’s not all gone! Yet….

But I imagine I’m not the only one and I have just put my healthy head back on by making my lunch for the rest of the week. I thought I would pop it on here as it is so easy that even I haven’t managed to make a mess of it and (in my mind at least) it’s a tastier option to sarnies and if you’re a real health nut, it doesn’t contain carbs…

All you have to do is slice a 4-5 courgettes (make courgetti with a spiralizer if you can as I think that probably works better), slice two peppers and beat 4-5 eggs. Throw them all in a bowl, mix them up and season. I also added cubes of halloumi cheese, but I think that might have been a mistake. I used mozzarella last time and that worked well.


Line a cake tin with grease proof paper, throw it all in and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 190c. Throw a few slices of cheese on top and cook for another 10 minutes and…ta dah!:


Then all you have to do is cut it up, pop it in individual freezer bags, freeze and remember to take one piece out each evening for the next day (that last but is the hardest…).  If you have a microwave, warm it up before eating, if not, it’s good as it is. It makes 4-6 portions depending on your appetite / guilt around chocolate consumed.

I’m not entirely sure it will counterbalance the chocolate, but we can pretend, can’t we? :o)

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2 Responses to a healthy moment in a chocolate fuelled weekend…

  1. Sounds far too healthy to me. I’ll stick with the chocolate! But it does look pretty appetising. What does Norman think of it? 🍩🍪🍬

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