It’s a teeny tiny world

I went to a party last night. It proved to me that the word really is teeny tiny.

The party was for nearly neighbour’s partner. The first time I met him a few years back I realised I already knew him: we had got the train together to work for years, before my friend had ever set eyes on him.

Last night I met a very lovely lady. It turns out that she and her family live around a minutes from my house.  And she is a butcher. That impressed me, but what made me like her straight away was our first conversation.

Her: Hi, you’re Wendy.

Me: Um…no….

Her: No, you’re right. I’m Wendy…. :o)

A couple walked in an he and I realised at the same time that we knew each other. It turned out that we worked together about 13 years ago. I was confused as to how he recognised me – I look quite different from to when I did back then. A friend suggested that it might not be how I look that he remembered; more my personality. I don’t think that was a compliment…. Anyway, after talking to the couple, we found out that they live in the same road that I grew up in. My parents still lived there when they moved in and we knew a lot of the same neighbours.

Two other ladies are on the same face book groups as me. A couple of people recognised me from New Year’s Eve 2014/2015. One lady from the Philippines knew all the places I had done relief work.

It really is a small world.

And a couple of other thoughts:

Scalextric is a whole heap more difficult than it looks.  The general consensus seemed to be nobody would risk getting in a real car with me. No change there then.


I am starting to think after my last post that I have bag issues. These were the ‘essentials’ I took last night.


Flumps. Why would they ever be essential on a night out?!

It may be a small world, but it seems a big bag is always required :o)



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