Hospital entertainment and a really big bag

My family and I try to find smiles where we can (hopefully you’ll have worked that out from this blog by now).  For some reason, it still surprised me (and made me laugh a lot) when I arrived at the hospital where Mummy W had already spent a few hours in A&E to find Sister 1 and 2 chatting to each other as though nothing was amiss with…a blown up plastic glove tied into their hair:


It didn’t improve:



Poor Mummy was in a lot of pain, but their antics made her giggle – and hurt.

Last Sunday I’d teased Sister 1 about the size of her handbag.  She could probably fit Little Pea in there and still have room for the kitchen sink.  It came into it’s own last night though.  A Little Pea sized patient was clearly not happy about being there, but Sister 1 reached into the tardis and found a small yellow car.  I’m not sure whose smile was bigger – the little boy’s or his Mum’s.  After a few hours of being there myself I was starting to struggle with a lack of caffeine (there were no machines anywhere) and my head started thumping.  Sister 1 and her Mary Poppins bag to the rescue though – Kenco or kettle, but she did have some painkillers – hooray!


please note the plastic glove, cup, face wipes, nappy bag and charger. And that’s just what’s on the top!

She then found a stethoscope and was very concerned she couldn’t find her heart (a doctor gave her a lesson in finding it, but apparently Sister 1 thought is was rather quiet), but between the donation of the yellow car and staving off my caffeine withdrawal, I think we can assume she definitely had one.


Both Sisters spent a lot of yesterday at the hospital so when it got past their bedtime they left and I stayed.  Luckily, I’d had the foresight it might be a long night and took my crochet.  I got quite a lot done by the time Mum was found a bed at 12.45am – there’s always a silver lining :o)


(We’re waiting on CT scan results to find out what is actually wrong with Mummy W.  She’s not feeling very good right now, so if you have any spare happy thoughts to send her way, please do.  Otherwise my Sisters might have to continue with their entertaining… :o) )

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2 Responses to Hospital entertainment and a really big bag

  1. Michele Hush says:

    You are the best. And your sisters are hilarious (as must be expected)! Mums in hospitals are so sad. Hope they got to the bottom of things.

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