A Saturday upholstery class in Bumpkinsville

I love Saturdays.  They are the only day of the week where work plays absolutely no part and it’s a wide open space to do exactly what I want with (being a slightly odd, single cat lady does have its perks).  I love occasionally using them to do a course, learn a new  thing or two and meet new people, and last Saturday my evening class upholstery teacher ran a full day class in her workshop.  I think I was the first one to sign up :o)



As at most of the 2 hour evening classes I seem to end up bandaged or covered in plasters, I fully expected to leave this 8 hour day in a full body cast, but weirdly, things went well.  I only stuck a needle in me once and only hammered my thumb a few times.  As there was only a small amount of blood, we didn’t even need to open the first aid box.

In my evening class I’d finally finished my prayer chair, getting it from this:


To this:


To this:


I’d bought my next project a while ago – a chair I’d fallen in love with as it’s just the right dimensions for propping up my elbows while I crochet.  As soon as Dad and I started stripping it back though, I realised that it was going to be seriously complicated to put back together…


But I actually made good headway.  Apart from getting all gung ho and putting the webbing in the wrong place:



It was a really lovely day.  There were only three of us, which was perfect in terms of getting time with the (very patient) teacher.  What could be better than spending a day in the middle of Bumpkinsville, chatting away while the radio plays in the background and much hammering and knotting is required?

Actually, I’m not great at the hammering and the knotting made me swear quite a lot.  Well, look at how many clove hitches or half clove hitches or whatever they are you have to do to tie the blimin’ springs in:


And you have to keep the springs ‘unspringed while you do it (which probably makes no sense to anyone but me).   Then you have to sew them in, despite the fact you can’t see them:



But it’s fun to try, even if some of it does make me a bit grumpy.

One of the other students is a lovely lady from my usual class who I always work next to (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry!) and the other was a local lady who has 40 sheep.  All I could think of when she told us is ‘there has to be some way you could crochet wool direct from a sheep’ followed by ‘how well would Norman get on with a sheep?’  I then decided that as my back garden contains no grass and is about the size of three sheep, it probably wasn’t worth pursuing the thought to much further…

It’ll be a while before I finish my tub chair, but if it means I get more Saturdays like this one, then I am a very happy Pog :o)


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7 Responses to A Saturday upholstery class in Bumpkinsville

  1. Well done! And it’s lovely you enjoy it so much- looks like the kind of activity than you can become engrossed in all day, learning something new and forgetting about work for a bit. And it’s a hobby you can share- people with houses and things in them will start lining up projects for you now they’ve seen what you can do! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fab day and I love your chairs. Whilst in Wales the boys bought you a present 😀

  3. Susana says:

    wow, i’m so impressed, always wanted to learn that skill! enjoy reading your blog Helen! xxx

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