Little Pea and Me

I was well overdue a Little Pea and Me day.  So overdue I’d completely forgotten how chaotic it can be.  Last time we certainly couldn’t have something vaguely resembling a conversation, which we did on Saturday.  We had lots of conversation….

As Little Pea seems to think everything is blue, I had the brilliant idea that raspberry picking would help him learn two colours.  We’d come away with full punnets of fresh fruit, an understanding of red and green and a bond developed doing a new activity outside.


Little Pea picked three red rasperries, tried one, announced ‘I don’t like it’, threw the remaining two on the ground and ran off to see the horse:

r3‘What colour is the horse?’  I asked, determined we’d learn something.  ‘Blue’.  Of course it was.

Next the view caught his attention:


‘Wow, a castle!  I run to the castle!’  And he took off….

I caught him and tried to entice him back with bug spotting, but that only lasted so long.  After about 10 minutes I was informed ‘Hot. Going to sit down’ and he took himself off to a chair and watched me as I frantically tried to fill at least one punnet.

Next stop:  Pog Towers to make some biscuits for Mummy (Sister 1).  It turns out that Little Pea likes cinnamon.  Even more when it’s mixed with sugar, and definitely when rolled into puff pastry.  Cook it all together though, and he’s not impressed.  We left Pog Towers with Little Pea clutching a bag of biscuits (which were crumbs by the time we reached his house), and the only small disaster had been him eating a toy snail eye.  I managed to extract the second from his mouth but was too late for the first one (they were only teeny tiny though, so we decided not to worry).

Lunch went smoothly and I thought I’d do what I did as a nanny years ago and let him run around in the garden without a nappy, with the potty to hand (argh – I’ve just relaised that the two year old I did this with for an entire summer as his nanny, will now be 20.  God, I feel old).  I  popped out the room to wash up quickly before we went to the garden and….everything went quiet.  I ran back in thinking something bad must have happened to find Little Pea sitting on the potty!  My joy was taken over by horror though, as he informed me that ‘I am a tiger and I am doing a giant poo’ and a stench like nothing I have ever smelled before filled the room.  I don’t know what that tiger ate (other than a bit of raw pastry and a snail’s eye), but it was not good.  At all.  As I ran up the stairs with a very full potty (he was true to his word on the giant part), I very, very nearly threw up my lunch.

After garden time we went to the park.  It turns out that there a couple of things adults can do too…We spent a long time taking it in turns on the slide….


And this thing goes round and round when pushed.  Even with a Pog inside and a Little Pea doing the pushing.  And he suddenly didn’t seem to understand the words ‘Poggy needs to get out now’…


I love this photo.  He was dancing on the ‘stage’, swigging his beaker of juice, not a care in the world.,  I bet in about 16 years someone will post an almost identical one of him on Facebook or whatever we have then at a club or a festival or something.  And I’ll get this one out to do a compare and contrast.  Because that is what an auntie should do, right?


By the end of the day, this was pretty much me:


But I loved every minute of it.  Apart from the giant poo part.  That, I didn’t love.  :o)


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5 Responses to Little Pea and Me

  1. You always make me laugh :) It’s such a lovely way to document Little Pea growing up – you’ll have no end of photos and stories to embarrass him when he’s older, as all good aunties should! Although you squeezed a lot of fun outdoorsy things into your day, it looks like you both stayed pretty clean and didn’t need to change outfits – I’m impressed!

  2. raychole says:

    This made me laugh out loud multiple times. :-)

    • thepogblog says:

      Well, I do like to make people laugh :) (Although I did spent a lot of the day thinking ‘it might not be funny now, but at least it will make a good blog post!)

      • raychole says:

        That’s how it goes. I have a one-year-old and while some of his antics are frustrating at the time, you can’t help but look back and see how cute it was!

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