Pog Patterns

Do you remember that post where I showed you some of the instructions I’d sent to a friend so she could make her daughter a Pogimal?  The instructions were bad.  No, actually, they were terrible:



So I was amazed when the friend I’d sent them to emailed me the pictures of the end product.  She must be some sort of genius, as she’d managed to make this little man:



She even made him some pants!


I think my friend deserves a lot of credit for managing to interpret my drawings, but, having seen a picture of her daughter’s smile when she met ‘Pogiman’ the next morning, no credit from anyone else was needed.

It made me wonder though, if there was a call for me to market my patterns.  Don’t worry…the wondering only lasted a few seconds before I realised that I’d probably be arrested for crimes against the art world or something, with my drawings. And actually, I had another brand new challenge that appeared out of nowhere instead.  More on that next time :o)

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