Just bits and bobs

It’s official – there are insufficient hours in the day to get through everything.  Humph.

I’ve not even had time for real daftness to occur…apart from that training session I ran where 5 minutes in, someone piped up that although I was telling people to look at this, and look at that, they couldn’t see anything.  I’d forgotten to share my desktop so they were just seeing an empty screen.  And there was that one where I thought I’d pressed record but actually muted myself.  It took attendees a few minutes to tell me that this time they could see my desktop on the screen and me moving through steps, just with no explanation.

Anyway, other than those, it’s just been busy.  But here are a couple of highlights of the last week or so:

I met Fluffy.  She is one of ten ex battery hens living at Sister 2’s house.  She is very friendly and Sister 2 says she is now looking a bit more fluffy.  I had some of her (or her friends) eggs this week, now they have the hang of laying again.  They are amazing.



I harvested my very first (ever) home grown strawberry:



I had the realisation that cars really do nothing for me at all.  I walked out of the tube station and my only thought was ‘Using those logs is quite an attractive way to display grasses and marguerites.’  I think it was lunch time before I realised that there was a massive car show going on, and the displays were just to enhance the cars.


And I don’t have a photo, but I saw my very first real life tattoo fail this week too.  From elbow to wrist, this girl had the words:

‘Your writing your own history’

She might very well be writing her own history, but based on that, I’d imagine it’s not the most grammatically correct history….


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