No need for opposable thumbs

I am one of those terrible people that let my pet sleep on my bed.  To be fair, I’d have a hard time trying to stop it as I don’t have a bedroom door so Norman cat has the run of Pog Towers.

We have a king size bed between us, and I sleep right on the edge, but after he’s finished bringing me in the local wildlife / my neighbours dinners, Norman curls up by my feet to sleep.  He is very good too; he never attempts to wake me until my alarm goes off, whether that is a 4.30am going-to-the-office alarm or a 9.30am I-need-to-catch-up-on-sleep alarm.  What he does do though, is get very grumpy if I press the snooze button too often.  More than three times and he will walk all over me until I get the message that it really is biscuit time.  I imagine so far, this is pretty normal behaviour for most cats (apart from the stealing the neighbours dinner part.  That’s an honour only a few fur ball lovers seem to have).

Where it gets a bit different is here:  For my birthday, Sister 2 gave me a bedside light that turns on when you touch any part of it.  It’s great – no more fumbling for the switch in the dark.  This weekend though, Norman learned to use it.  I no longer get to wake gently after a few snoozes.  Oh no.  Now, the alarm goes off and within minutes my room is lit up like a light house as Norman wraps himself around the lamp.  He even seems to have worked out that a few nudges make it brighter.

I’m considering changing my microwave from one with a dial you have to turn to one where you just press buttons.  Then maybe when he brings in the neighbours dinner, he can heat it up and bring me breakfast in bed when he wakes me :o)


‘Yes, this IS comfortable. Really’

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6 Responses to No need for opposable thumbs

  1. Jacqui Fleming says:

    “I am one of those terrible people that let my pet sleep on my bed.” Terrible people are the ones who make their pets sleep on the floor. Ted sleeps at my feet too (and sometimes on my pillow).

  2. Paula says:

    You should write a book, you know … Life With Norman … your stories about him, and the photos, are so thoroughly entertaining, it couldn’t fail to be a best-seller! And what’s terrible about having your pets sleep on the bed? Hubby and I used to share our bed with three cats, one of whom thought it was his divine right to sleep between the sheets with us. And where you give Norman the occasional piece of ham, my Phantom cat gets the very best deli turkey, fed every day – on the kitchen counter if you please – by my besotted-hubby-who-never-wanted-a-cat: half-a-pound a week, no less! xx

    • thepogblog says:

      Oooh, that might give Norman ideas above his station. Oh, who am I kidding? He’s clearly got those already! Three cats? Ok, maybe I am not so bad after all. Phantom sounds like he lives in the lap of luxury. I wont tell Norman though – we had to withdraw all ham and move to boring, vet approved biscuits after discovering that he doesn’t have fat fur. He just has…fat :(

  3. Jacqui Fleming says:

    What is “fat fur”?

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