A recipe for cheerfulness

On Friday I had an MRI scan.  When you’re a bit wary of enclosed spaces, head first in a tube with a cage round your head is not a fun way to spend 30 minutes.  It’s worse when you’re feeling the relief of it all being over and you’re told they forgot some of the scans so you need to go back in for an extra 20 minutes.  (To my surprise though, I can confirm that they found a brain.  I was pretty convinced it was just sawdust and strawberry jam between my ears…)

So I was a bit stressed by that, by the whole having tests’ thing and the bit about not being able to drive my car.  But then I discovered the recipe for cheerfulness:

Identify two Fantabulous Friends, preferably the ones who created your Gorgeous Godson who just happens to be celebrating his third birthday with a superhero theme the next day.

Accept their offer to ‘help’ prepare for the party.  Pack overnight bag.

Be picked up by Husband part of the friends.

Arrive, drink wine, be fed, drink more wine.

Drink more wine.

Wrap pass the parcel.  Forget how many layers you’ve done and miss out chocolate between random layers ensuring confusion at the party the next day. Drink more wine.

Help the Wife part of friends ice the birthday cake by managing to add cocoa to the icing sugar, resulting in brown splodges on the brilliant white covering.  Apologise, back off, drink more wine and stick to the washing up.

Decide that your wrapping skills are required to help with the big present.  Discover that wrapping skills, that are lacking at the best of times, are not enhanced by wine.  Dance to Madonna CD instead.


Appreciate Husband part of friends playing piano and singing (presumably in celebration that preparations are almost complete and drunken friend will therefore stop ‘helping’).


Go to bed.

Wake up, surprised at lack of hangover, and equally surprised that your hair dye has decided after a week of being on your hair, it would rather be liberally spread over Fantabulous Friends very white pillow case.  Take pillow case to the bathroom to hand wash.

Wonder at Gorgeous Godsons excitement over the wool you gave him and at his big brothers ability to snaffle the Batman costume that was a present from him to Gorgeous Godson!


Prepare for party by donning a Villain costume (a role you were warned about in advance).  Scare Fantabulous Friends and remove eye mask in case it traumatises children too.  Discover that moustaches make your nostrils tickely.


Marvel at the little super heroes


Get chased around the garden by small superheroes as they try to recapture the gold you stole.  Be impressed by small superheroes’ ability to effectively tie up a villain five times their size.


Watch gorgeous Godson’s face light up at his birthday cake (brown bits hidden to perfection by his mummy).


Leave, with a slice of birthday cake, a big smile and no memory of evil MRI :o)

Thank you again, Fantabulous Friends.  Should there ever be a next time I promise to stay away from the birthday cake and bring my own pillow case :o) x

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4 Responses to A recipe for cheerfulness

  1. Paula Harrington says:

    Awesome … there’s nothing like wine, good friends, more wine, the company of small children – and did I mention wine? – to set the world to rights! Fingers crossed for your MRI results. I had one two weeks ago, too, and even though it never used to worry me, I now find I spend the 30 minutes talking myself down from rising panic and the overwhelming urge to press the ‘panic button’ to stop the proceedings. I suggested to the nice people last time that they paint scenes of Venice or something on the top of the tube so you have something pleasant and calming to focus on. xx

    • thepogblog says:

      I couldn’t agree more on the friends and wine :o) I’m pleased someone as calm as you also doesn’t like the evil that is MRI’s. The radiologist actually said when he saw me shaking ‘ it’s fine in there – just like the Carribean’. When he got me out I had to ask if he’d ever actually been! I like your idea, all I could think about was being crushed by the damn thing. I hope your results are all ok too. At least we’ve both had confirmation that we have something between our ears :o) x

  2. FB says:

    Perhaps also remember not to email work whilst drunk :) Or do, because it amused me no end.

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