Norman’s first day…

There have been pictures all over Facebook today of little people starting at reception, big school or big, big school.  Norman and I have felt a little left out, so we put our heads together and decided that at 3 and a bit, Norman is probably a bit young to be starting somewhere. But he still wanted to dress up.

Couple this with the fact that HM Customs and Revenue recently wrote to me, very kindly, to inform me that there have been recent changes to Child Benefit, it seems that somebody somewhere thinks I have my own little person.

So here you go, just indulge a mad cat lady for a moment:

Norman Cat.  All ready for his first day Cat School.  (You didn't think he'd actually let me dress him up did you?!)

Norman Cat. All ready for his first day at…um…Bumpkinsville Cat School. (You didn’t think he’d actually let me dress him up did you?!)

Good luck and have fun to all the little people starting somewhere new this week and next.  I still have one good friend from primary school and a few from secondary school.  It’s quite exciting to think all of these little people are making friends with others who might be in their lives for decades to come :o)

PS: I just realised that I have highlighted the fact I have no little people by finding the time to doctor a picture of my cat for my own amusement.  It’s the little things…!

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