In the last two days I’ve had a few unexpected moments.

Walking to a training course early yesterday I discovered I rather like London before 7am and the crowds arrive.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

From Tower Bridge (that tall building is the Shard)

From Tower Bridge (that tall building is the Shard)

Then on the way home I bumped into a friend from school I’ve not seen for almost 20 years.  My usual response to seeing someone at the train station, when I am on my way home from work is to hide.  I’m not great at small talk at the best of times but after 10 hours and 170 PowerPoint slides….  But anyway, I didn’t hide and I am so pleased.  It was lovely to catch up and remind myself of yet another lovely friend I had back then.  (She also has a fantabulous dog who I small talked with which made it even better!)

And then today I worked from home and sneakily hung out my washing first thing.  While out there my neighbour went into his back garden and started chatting.  I felt a little awkward as I hung out my underwear under his direct gaze and more so when he felt the need to tell me he is ‘now 24 stone’ and demonstrated this achievement by wobbling his tummy for me.  How is a girl supposed to react to that while grasping a pair of knickers?!

Happily Norman caused a distraction by appearing with a cooked fish in his mouth.  The combination of fish, knickers and neighbours belly was certainly an unexpected start to today.

Norman and fish

Norman and fish

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  :o)

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2 Responses to Unexpectedness

  1. Beautiful shot of Tower Bridge and the Helmet. Not sure what to say to the belly / knickers incident!

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