Potential Pogwash

You know when you have a hole in your tooth and it hurts a little all the time but especially when use it? Well I have that at the moment; only it’s my right eye. Obviously I don’t have a hole in my eye but for the last few days I’ve been winking indiscriminately at people, especially in bright lights. As a result I think a number of people in the office may now consider me an outrageous flirt and possibly that was the reason a shopper in Tesco last night chatted away to me as we started in united disgust at these crisps:

Yes, that’s Christmas pudding and brandy butter CRISPS!

He even helped me pose the packet properly so I could get the photo.

Last night it hurt too much to sew. I know…unheard of! I can’t remember the last evening I didn’t sew. It had clearly got serious…. So today I went to the optician to find out what the problem is. I discovered that I have rapidly deteriorating eyes and need new glasses again but also that I have a cyst in the upper lid of my right eye. I had some years ago and I wont go into details but the procedure they do to remove them actually caused me to pass out. The only alternative is if I can encourage the cyst to burst on its own. And how do you do this? Well, it seems that you place a teaspoon that you have heated in boiling water on your eyelid for as long as you can a few times a day for as long as it takes (or until the eye just gets too painful to bear). Which will be fun. Hopefully it will mean I don’t have to do a trip to the hospital resulting in an eye patch as an accessory though. If I do, I will become Captain Pogwash I’ve decided….(Captain Pugwash was my one of my favourite children’s books).

So there you go. If you see me over the next few weeks and I happen to have a teaspoon held against my eyelid I’ve not lost it.  And any winking is not an attempt at flirting….well maybe not. It’s a good excuse though ;o)

…Maybe I should take a few more trips to Tesco and see what happens :o)

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