A few Friday giggles

I’ve had a few giggles this week so I thought I’d pass them on.  It’s good to finish the week with a verbal smile after all.

Last night I received this in an e-mail as a result of my blog post

I stand corrected:  my bag contained a bulldog clip, not a crocodile clip.

Sister 1 sent me a You Tube clip that is very random, but makes me giggle each replay (you need sound)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQbhtZzHsbE

And while attempting to sew poggyW goods and keep up to date with emails last night:

I started getting a bit stressed.  Norman was observing from the table and I suddenly felt my head being stroked (ok, clawed, but in a gentle way).  There are some people out there who could learn a lot from my cat!

And finally, it didn’t make me giggle but it might make you.  My new oven arrived on Tuesday (the old one went pop last week).  It arrived, was installed, man left, I cracked open the muffins in celebration and discovered that the grill element was wonky.  So I called an engineer and decided to have a wonkily toasted muffin anyway, smothered in Nutella to make up for the distinct lack of muffins in recent days.  The engineer arrived a few hours later, did his thing and left.  A while later I looked in the mirror.  I had a trail of chocolate spread trailing down my face from nose to chin.  No wonder he’d looked at me a little strangely….

Hey Ho!  Happy weekend :o)

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