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The last week has been busy, weird and (sorry) full of vast quantities of snot.  I wont bore you with the details but apologies for slacking on the blog front – especially to the person who put in a complaint (you know who you are! ;o)  )

The peak of the weirdness was on Wednesday when my mobile rung and the conversation started with ‘You don’t know me but…’  Now, I could see this going in all manner of directions but I wasn’t expecting the next 20 minutes.  They consisted of what sounded like an elderly lady who had received one of my notes looking for Charlie Cat back in June who, I think, just wanted a conversation.

I now know all the places she has lived from childhood, the cats she has had, the cats she has lost, about all her neighbours, the fact that her son recently split up with his girlfriend and took their cat (who then escaped, was found 3 days later in a building site and had to be rescued by the fire service – ‘by having the hose sprayed up his botty’ – her words, not mine!).  I know all the cats names, all her past neighbours names, their ailments, her ailments.  I think the only thing I don’t know is her shoe size.

Once I’d worked out that there was no real point to the call I settled into making the right noises in the right places, wondering if it would ever end.  Finally she got to the point – I think – which was ‘don’t give up looking’.  It was very sweet of her although I am slightly nervous as she finished the call with ‘Well it was lovely chatting to you, you sound like a lovely lady.  I’ll give you another call to catch up again soon….’!

I don’t really know what to say about that, but I’m wondering if there is a marketing opportunity for a phone line for slightly-mad-cat-lady types.

I’m rather hoping that next week is less busy, less weird and full of a lot less snot.  :o)

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