A weekend with the Lovely Nut

This weekend I went to one of my favourite places to stay with the Lovely Nut – my friend who just happens to be an ex boyfriends mum. (I bet there aren’t many people who do that a good 7 years or so after a relationship ends).

The Lovely Nut has a very beautiful house that her and her husband rebuilt from a wreck many years ago.  It’s in the middle of nowhere and takes Bumpkinsville to a whole new level.

We focussed on eating and drinking wine in the sun while we sewed and yesterday we went for a walk around the outskirts of a local national trust property.  Us being us, things didn’t go quite to plan:  We chatted so much that we missed a turning and got lost, and when we came across this sign:

I convinced the Lovely Nut we should risk it.  So we walked across the huge field, very quietly…..

And discovered the bull standing right in front of the gate we needed to get through. 


I was all for throwing the Lovely Nut over my shoulder and having a quiet word with Mr Bull, hoping I looked braver than he did, but she sensibly suggested we should make our way back and find another route.  We did…but the wildlife fun was not over…we found a rare Bumpkinsville crocodile:

And the a pig who was snorting as happily as, well…a pig in mud.


The rest of the walk was just lovely, sunny and full of prettiness.  This is my favourite picture from the day though:


 You can’t beat Bumpkinsville :o)

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