Poor old Pog-Mobile

I admit it:  I am a disgrace to the female race.  In relation to cars, anyway.

I loved my first car – an old school mini that drove like the wind (despite a slight tremor in the steering wheel around 75mph) and had no radio – instead I had a battery powered ghetto blaster on the back seat for my tapes.  Since the demise of Tommy (the mini) though, cars have not really held much appeal.  I know Sister 1 has a giant white lorry type thing, Sister 2 has a convertible something and TTB has a black car.  That’s kind of the extent of my knowledge. 

If something sounds wrong on my car I turn up the stereo.  If it ‘feels funny’ I correct my posture.  If nothing changes, I ask dad to take a look. When TTB and I decided to go out last weekend I thought I’d better check my tyres as I’d been driving with one buttock higher than the other for a few weeks which usually indicates that the tyres need a bit of air.  I was right.  They needed a lot…

Then I thought I’d show off a little and announced that I’d check my oil and water.  I thought that the oil must just be very clear as I couldn’t see any on the dipstick.  And I didn’t quite get why I topped up the screen wash and later on there was none in there, but there you go.  Luckily I thought to check with dad last night as something still ‘didn’t feel right’ and I knew that this time it wasn’t the tyre pressure.

It turns out that I had no oil.  At all.  And the screen wash that I’ve been refilling is actually something to do with the radiator.  Apparently I am rather lucky that my car had not seized…or something.  I don’t think it’s entirely my fault.  The oil light never came on.  But then the bulb on my dashboard went about a year ago so maybe that it explains it.

Anyway, I’ve booked it in for a service next week as I’m wondering if there is anything else I might have missed (and I can’t park on any sort of incline anymore as the handbrake isn’t too , erm, handbrake-y)  Now if it were a sewing machine, I could probably strip it apart and rebuild it.  But we all have our strengths…sadly for my old Pog-Mobile, it’s not one of mine :o)

My Pog-Mobile of choice (only in purple, I think)

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