Market Trader Pog: round two

My alarm went off at 5.30am on Sunday.  It wasn’t an accident this time – it was informing me that it was time to get up and get organized for my second farmers market.  It was very different this month (thank you Pog Fairy*).  There was no snow storm, no ice and my thermometer was giving a positive rather than a below zero reading.  Last month apparently the temperature at the market was clocked at -7…  It still wasn’t quite tropical, but I did manage to take off my cardigan at one point, which left me rather scantily clad in a jumper, long sleeved top, scarf and thermal vest (scantily clad for me then).

Another bonus is that mummyW stayed .  mummyW is not known for her ‘sitting around’ skills and did much wandering.  It still must have been insufficient to entertain her though – I even persuaded her to sing to me to give her something to do (if tra la la ing ‘Deck the Halls with boughs of holly’ at me constitutes singing)…

So, observations of this markets month:

Ahhh moment: My youngest customer to date (5 week old Matilda) asking her daddy to buy her the hat she’d decided to model.  SUCH a cutie!

Beautiful Matilda in a Lovely Hat

Oooh moment: Realising that people look very, very different when not wearing their entire wardrobe and exposing only their eyes (as was the case with just about everyone there in February)

Lovely moment: My aunt arriving with even MORE cookies than she bought last time (with strict instructions to ‘share’ ;o))

Lovely moment 2: Having people visit who might not have gone if I’d not been there – my aunt, my cousin, a series of 2nd cousins, a sister 2,  sister 1’s boyfriend and sister 1’s dog, a friend from my school days and her daughter (wow, that’s a lot of lovely people!)

Lovely Moment 3:  A little girl (and her toy cat, Ginger) choosing one of my new line – Sitting Ducks – and wandering off squealing with excitement ‘I’m going to call him STRIIIPEY.  I love STRIIIIIPEY’


Dog moment:  There were lots, but the one that sticks in my head was the huge mass of black fur that wandered past with what looked like a saddle on his back.  Well it could have been.  I’ve seen bigger Shetland ponies…

Hilarious moment:  Sister 1’s boyfriend thinking a little girl was pointing at his dog wanting to stroke her and realizing she was pointing at him, trying to work out why she had bare arms (he’s covered in tattoos)

Weird moment: Realising there is clearly a shortage of snoozy bunnies in Kent  – while making them on the stall I was selling them almost as fast as I was finishing them!  (Should you want a snoozy bunny of your own, they have been breeding and are once again available.  A perfect alternative to chocolate for a little person at Easter and only £3.50! – mail me at to get a better deal on postage than on the website ;o))

Happy moment : Taking more money than last month :o)

I could get used to this market malarkey (as long as it’s only sun that falls out of the sky).  The other bods there – stall holders and customers are lovely, and it’s the best people watching mum and I have done in ages.  I got to eat amazing food (well you have to try a selection at these places) and I even got makingness done while I was there.  What more could a girl want on a Sunday? (apart from maybe a slightly later alarm!)


*A Pog fairy is a little known creature that looks after Pogs.  (When it has nothing better to do).  You probably have one too.  A fairy, not a Pog.  Luckily for most there are very few Pogs around…

setting up...

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4 Responses to Market Trader Pog: round two

  1. Emma says:

    Wow! Well done! Looks like a real success. Can’t believe how your business has taken off over the last few months. You work so hard and deserve lots of success with it. I haven’t had time to get in touch with you but any chance you could pop one of your little lavender giraffes in the post for Jazzy’s birthday. I wanted to order one but totally forgot till I saw this latest blog. She is totally obsessed with giraffes at the moment (they are all called Geraldine!) and I saw them on your website a few days ago. Will pop the money in with your birthday pessie which I am planning to post on Wednesday! Thanks loads for my pressies by the way. Always exciting to get a whole box of pressies! Proper thankyou letter will be in the post…shortly!

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you old lady ;o) Geraldine will be winging her way to you tomorrow. I hope she’s liked :o) So pleased you liked your presents – being old doesn’t dampen the excitement then? Tee hee!x

  2. sacha kelly says:

    what a gorgeous stall! You are so clever xxx

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