The letter for the day was…

… ‘G’.

That’s because, despite being a Sunday in January when I don’t think the temperature got above 4 degrees, I learned to put up my new gazebo in mum and dads back garden. 


Then I made a small herd of giraffes.  As you do.

a lone Gregory Giraffe

Well actually, you do when it’s two weeks before you become a regular market trader at a local farmers market (one friend thought I’d changed careers and was about to embark on a lot of hand waving involving vast sums of money.  This friend knows me well enough to have a bit of a panic about that scenario.  I can assure you, that’s not the sort of trading I’ll be doing).

So I think I’m almost sorted – I have almost all my goods ready (and have a vitamin D deficiency from spending many weekends in the cellar as a result).  I have put up the gazebo which will be my stall (and only made a small hole in the process…which I’ve sewn up) and I’ve started to worry about all the things that may or may not happen.  One way or another though, I think it’ll probably be a giggle…. :o)

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