Pog tip of the day

I just thought I’d pass on the tip I learned from my experiences today.

When out cycling (or taking part in any other outside activity I guess), should you see a cat hiding under a car don’t make kissing noises and say ‘hello gorgeous’ to it unless you are sure there is nobody else around who may not be aware of the cat. The result otherwise is a slightly startled man who, judging by his rather terrified expression, thinks a strange cyclist is blowing kisses and generally being a bit over friendly towards him…

And while I am on the subject of cats, it might be useful to know that kittens can actually chew the whole way though the wires of a phone

The feline chewers of cables

charger.  And a mouse (of the PC variety).  And they also know when a tv programme is about to reach a critical point as that is when they decide to chew on the aerial socket and loose reception.

They’re great though.  And I bet that man at least had something different to think about on his way to work…:o)

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