A few technicalities…and a few weirdos

I’m not terribly technical.  I frequently have issues turning on my laptop (quite scary when you consider I’ve worked in a technology type industry for over 10 years…)  I’m rather in awe of technology.  Even if I learn to use it, I’ll never understand how it works.

Like the special things I can do ‘behind the scenes’ in this blog.  I just do not get how they work.  But they do, and very entertaining they can be too.  I can see how many of you look at the blog each day, what pages you look at and where you have come from.

What is really entertaining though is that I can see what searches people have done on, say, Google, that somehow land them on my site.

A search on ‘the pog blog’ makes complete sense, but there are others which 1) I can’t work out how they link to the blog in any way, shape or form and 2) I can’t work out why anyone would do that particular search in the first place.

To show you, I took a snapshot last week.  See what you think…

 I mean ‘wrestling in shiny lycra’?  Who would do that sort of search…?  Erm, actually.  I don’t want to know, thank you very much.


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3 Responses to A few technicalities…and a few weirdos

  1. Kate williams says:

    What do you suppose a gunger cake is? And why would you store it and not eat it?

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