Some things I didn’t know

I didn’t know that about 2 inches of the rear end of a slow worm (possibly a small snake) could wriggle for over half an hour despite being the new toy of a certain Charlie cat.

I didn’t know the same rear portion of the slow worm would be so icky that I would have to ask the cat to take it back in the garden when he brought it in to show me that it was still wriggling (and amazingly, Charlie cat did exactly as he was asked).

I don’t know where the slow worm ended up which makes me a little nervous about going to bed – maybe Charlie was lulling me into a false sense of security and is going to do a cat variation of the mafia horses head in the bed…

I also didn’t know that black ants bite.  Hard.  To be fair, I was moving their house in my attempt to re build my step, but they did nothing for the tenant / landlady relationship.  (For the record, most of them were returned when I put the step back together.  The rest have relocated to my parent’s garden waste bin.  Well, that’ll teach ‘em for their biting behaviours).

It's not pretty but I am quite proud of my DIY / ant rehoming efforts...


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