What goes around comes around – in happy parcels

It’s not often that the postman brings me niceness and because I’m probably not alone in that I like sending other people happy parcels via snail mail.  Today though, the tables were turned and I have had a very smiley day as a result.  Today I got some anonymous post.  This:


I was sent a jam making book!  (If this seems slightly odd, you might want to check out these blogs entries.)  It has made my day and my week, and no doubt will make my weekend as I fully intend to make an attempt at one of the recipes then. (I am just trying to get through vast quantities of Nutella and marmalade before then so I have some jars to put it in!)  I think I know who the mystery senders are – thank you so much, you lovely, thoughtful people. 

Writing this I have realised that I never properly thanked my own personal cookie fairy.  When I was sick recently a certain very lovely Bikers’ Friend Mummy provided me with the most delicious squares of chocolately gorgeousness.  I would like to add a photo of them but they didn’t last that long!  Thank you too for your loveliness – it was almost worth being poorly for!

So maybe what goes around really does come around.  It’s not why I send little happy parcels out, but it is a very, very nice side effect :o)

(Feel free to copy the happy parcel idea…it’s the same idea as cookie fairy delivery with very small postable gifts.  For me they have included all manner of things from bars of chocolate to daft hand puppets to key rings.  Just something to show friends that someone is thinking of them…the more people that do it, the more smiles there will be around :o) )

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